Install and configure the Fogbow CLI

The Fogbow Manager (FM) is controlled via a Command Line Interface (CLI) that makes easier for the fogbow users to get information about the federation members, to order resources, and to manage the lifecycle of those resources. The Fogbow CLI is distributed in two forms: as source code, or as a binary package for debian-based distributions. Choose the best distribution for your system, download it and install it as follows.


# If not installed previously
apt-get install maven
# If not installed previously
apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

Install from source

First, is necessary to download fogbow manager and install it with maven, for more information.

To get the lastest stable version of the component Fogbow Cli, download it from our repository:


Then, decompress it:


Now, install it with Maven:

cd fogbow-cli-master
mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Use it. For more information

bash bin/fogbow-cli ...

Install from debian package

Download a stable version from our package repository and install it with dpkg:

dpkg -i fogbow-cli_$version.deb

Use it. For more information

fogbow-cli ...